I am a freelance journalist, historian, and traveller with a love of greyhound and horse racing.

These diverse interests have led to the publication of 10 books since 1985, covering history (Brief History of the Thirty Years War and the English Civil War [1985]; Chronology of South-East Asian History 1400-1996 [1997]); travel (Pattaya ‘Patpong on Steroids’ [2002]); greyhound (The Ultimate Accolade [1986]) and horse racing (Bernborough, Australia’s Greatest Racehorse [2006]).

I have written articles for publications such as Turf Monthly, The Australian Magazine, Adelaide Review, Daily Telegraph (Sydney), The Nation (Bangkok), Asia-Pacific Tropical Homes, Journal of Siam Society, Fah Thai (Bangkok Airways in-flight magazine) and many others.

Embracing the e-book revolution, I have published Bernborough, Australia’s Greatest Racehorse and Pattaya ‘Patpong on Steroids’ in this new format. Additionally, there are two shorter pamphlet-style publications produced as e-books: one on travel in southeast Asia, Tarts, Touts & Temples and one on history, Opium in Thailand.

I have lived in Thailand since the end of 1999. I am married to a Thai lady and we have two children.


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