How to Survive Pattaya and its Nightlife

How to Survive Pattaya and its NightlifePattaya is, without doubt, the leading nightlife destination in Asia. That’s a big claim of course, but with a variety of nightclubs, discos, outside drinking bars (known simply as beer bars) and what would be termed strip clubs in other countries but called go-go’s in Pattaya (and Bangkok), it oozes sex and sensuality.

I started writing about the bar scene in Pattaya in 2000, under the pen-name Nightmarch. I ceased doing it in 2012. There are certain constants within the night bar scene and these never change. Certainly the faces and the names change. Certainly the bars change: some go out of business, others are sold, others continue to march steadily forward. Yet the basics remain the same.

There is a popular and much copied t-shirt sold in Thailand which has the phrase ‘Same, Same, but Different’ emblazoned across it. In four simple words it sums up the bar scene perfectly.

So, this short book consists of a series of pieces written for the Nightmarch column over the years which, taken together, are intended to serve not so much as a warning but as a road map both for the unwary novice and the veteran long-termer.

Novices will make the mistakes in spite of the pieces in the book while the veteran will merely be reminded of the mistakes he has already made, but hopefully not make them again.

The e-book is available here:


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